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Searching for a stamped concrete patio, Orlando FL? You have made it to the right place, we are your local, affordable, decorative concrete contractors that have the skill and expertise to construct your concrete patio vision with a touch of design that goes above and beyond your average concrete surface. Concrete stamping refers to the pattern that is pressed on top of the wet cement to add a texture and design pattern that will imprint on the concrete for its lifespan. There is a wide variety of options that are at your choice from Orlando Stamped Concrete. Wood plank, cobblestone, and brick are some of the most common patterns but their are more available and we would be happy to discuss your options! We offer free estimates where we come to your job site and offer value up front with guidance and assurance that we are the capable decorative concrete Orlando FL company that you are in search of. No longer do you have to search the web for stamped concrete contractors near me, give us a call or fill out the free estimate form and we will get you scheduled as soon as possible. We are not limited to stamped concrete patios but we offer a broad range of decorative concrete services to Orlando Florida and the surrounding area. Our goal is to show you why we are a top choice concrete contractor specializing in decorative design, and we will always leave all final choices up to you. Give us a call and we will begin the process of concrete patio construction.


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Does Stamped Concrete Cost Core Than Pavers?

Comparing the cost between Orlando stamped concrete and pavers is going to require multiple considerations. Stamped concrete tends to have a lower cost per square foot compared to pavers from the materials used being more readily available and cheaper to access. Installation costs are going to vary from contractor to contractor charging their own rates depending on another set of factors, but stamped concrete often being more optimal due the simpler concrete installation process. Now thinking in terms of maintenance, theres a chance pavers may have lower costs as they require less frequent repair work like resealing. Pavers are generally more flexible overtime since it is not one hard surface, instead of cracking pavers will have spots that rise and sink. Ultimately the two options are similar and the choice comes down to preference, decorative concrete Orlando FL is what we specialize in so we are biased but we would be happy to give you more information on the cost of stamped concrete with a free estimate on your jobs, along with answering the questions that you may have and giving our guidance as experts in the area.

Is A Stamped Concrete Patio Worth Installing in Orlando FL?

Orlando Stamped Concrete may have a biased opinion but yes a stamped concrete patio is worth installing. But this is a calculated answer, several obvious factors come into play. Orlando's climate, lifestyle, and aesthetic preferences all add to the enthusiasm that we have for decorative concrete. Floridas' climate, the hot summers and the warm winters, makes your outdoor landscape all that much more important for a stunning outdoor abode not to mention the durability of concrete that will give you a solid surface for decades to enjoy. The cost of a concrete patio compared to other patio and decking materials also makes it a key candidate. Decorative concrete typically has a low initial cost per square foot that only adds to the popularity. You can mimic tile, brick, stone, or wood and add a stain to match the aesthetic.

Your stamped concrete patio will tell its own story for your property and have an added allure to your friends and neighbors. Grilling, sitting by the fire, or just simply enjoying your backyard makes stamped concrete all worth it in the end. It's important that you have the right concrete contractor design and build your Orlando decorative concrete surfaces so that you can ensure your hard earned money is spent properly for for sturdy construction that will last, and a design that doesn't get botched in the process, do not underestimate the complexity of this task, DIYers should be experienced in some realm of cement work and should take caution as it could turn into an expensive mistake. Its always wise to choose a concrete contractor that is licensed and insured so that in the off chance something does go wrong their is a bastion of hope. When your ready with you Stamped Concrete Orland FL job, we will be ready to here from you.

Concrete Walkways

It is always a pleasure to have walkways that designate the path to proceed onto, the function of a walkway is to guide people and offer a clean surface to walk onto while also adding an inviting look to the landscape. The difference between a side walk and a walkway is that a sidewalk is meant to be an additional space for pedestrians next to the roadway. Walkways are meant for pathways on properties between points A and B. Both serve a similar purpose but are used in different contexts. Stamped concrete walkways offer more than just the casual grey cement, three is a design element that can be used to make many different looks and aesthetics. A standard concrete walkway will last a long time, around 5-15 years, and especially so if regular maintenance is kept up with.

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